Naturally Occurring Care Networks (NOCNs)

FLPPS is the largest, most geographically diverse PPS in NY State, with a mix of urban and rural sub-populations. Because of this large geography, FLPPS is divided into five geographic sub-regions, termed Naturally Occurring Care Networks (NOCN). The NOCNs include Finger Lakes, Monroe, Southeastern, Southern, and Western regions.

Naturally Occurring Care Networks

These networks represent the full continuum of care and organizational leadership within a shared geographic service area. Each NOCN is led by a participant workgroup that represents the healthcare providers and community based organizations in their area.

Because of the large geographic area represented by FLPPS, the NOCN workgroups serve as a portion of our Partnership Advisory Council (PAC), The workgroups have collective oversight for the NOCN. They share responsibility for regular communication between partners and for the dissemination of information from FLPPS and NYS DOH. The NOCN workgroup reviews project performance, partner roles in projects, and clinical outcomes.