The Monroe NOCN is limited to Monroe County and includes the largest urban center in our region, the City of Rochester. Monroe County is our region’s most densely populated area with 1,132 people per square miles of land area. Approximately one-half of the FLPPS Partnership is located in the Monroe NOCN.

Regional Snapshot

Number of Health Care Resources by County (2012)

County Ambulatory Surgery Centers Urgent Care Centers # Nursing Home Beds # Acute Care Beds FQHCs Assisted Living Facilities
Monroe 11 21 5244 2015 36 33

Data sources: FLHSA surveys, NYS Cost reports

Availability of Providers by Licensure Type per 100,000 population (2010)

County All physicians PCP All other specialties Dentists Pharmacists PA/NP
Monroe 377.6 139.9 237.6 76.7 99.9 200.7

Data source: Center for health workforce studies