As a service to our engaged Partners, FLPPS provides a secured credential portal to support Partner project activity. This easy-to-use website is available to contracted Partners and is accessible after verification with your Partner Relations Associate.

Features include:

  • Secure access with password reset capabilities
  • Support for DSRIP project activities (such as reporting)

Resources for FLPPS Contracting and Reporting

Reporting template help
ftp help
Contracting Documents help 
 Step by Step instructions (pdf) How to Setup Secure SFTP Client (pdf) Demo of DocuSign for RHIO Compliance (pdf)

 Walk Through for Secure SFTP Setup (YouTube) How to Reassign a Received Document (pdf)
                                                                                                                                        Step by Step Demo for DocuSign (YouTube)
 Patient Engagement Template
Reporting Patient Engagement Guide