Each Performing Provider System (PPS) is responsible for selecting 5-11 projects from a specified menu of DSRIP projects and domains. The Finger Lakes Performing Provider System chose the following 11 DSRIP projects which we believe, when implemented, will advance the primary NYS DSRIP goal of reducing avoidable hospital use by 25% over 5 years. The project selection process was guided by results from a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment (CNA) and input from PPS partners and community members.

Through these activities we were able to better understand the healthcare gaps in our region, which included the need to:
  1. Create an integrated delivery system to address chronic conditions
  2. Integrate physical and behavioral health care systems
  3. Address the social determinants of health
  4. Further support women and children 

Each project is advised by Clinical Quality Sub-committee and supported by the FLPPS Operations Team.