Project 4.a.iii – Strengthen Mental Health and Substance Abuse Infrastructure across Systems 

Why FLPPS Chose this Project

Behavioral health conditions are prevalent in the FLPPS region, especially among the Medicaid population.  Most notably this region has a much higher prevalence of depression, schizophrenia, and stress and anxiety disorders than the NYS Medicaid population as a whole.  Additionally the Medicaid population in the FLPPS region has over twice the rate of ADHD compared to the NYS average.

Further complicating the issue, there is an insufficient number of behavioral health care providers in the region. Every county in the FLPPS region has psychiatrist and psychologist licensure rates that are below the statewide rate, and much of the FLPPS region has been designated a mental health professional shortage area.

Substance abuse prevalence is significantly higher in the FLPPS region, and is particularly high in Monroe County, where over 11.8% of Medicaid recipients have a substance abuse diagnosis.

There is a need to identify these types of preventative services in each community and combine or cross refer these services.

Mental Emotional and Behavioral (MEB) health is a relatively new field, requiring a paradigm shift in approach and perspective. MEB is the connection of mental health, substance abuse and physical health preventative and promotional strategies.  

Gaps in the availability of Mental Emotional Behavioral (MEB) health prevention and promotion services has led to poor health outcomes for those with MEB health disorders. 

What Success Looks Like

Strengthened mental health and substance abuse infrastructure across systems. Supportive collaboration among leaders, professionals, and community members working in MEB health promotion to address substance abuse and other MEB disorders.

Clearly addressed chronic disease prevention, treatment and recovery, and strengthened infrastructure for MEB health promotion and MEB disorder prevention.