FLPPS Learning Management System (LMS)

We believe system transformation cannot be achieved without education. With that in mind, we have created a one stop shop for your learning and development needs. Within the FLPPS Learning Management System (LMS) you can search our catalog of online training videos, demos, eLearnings and tutorials. Registration is simple, and only required once. Use the following link to enter the site and create an account. Return back regularly to access new trainings.    

Enter the LMS Here

The  FLPPS Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to support partners in their learning and development needs. The LMS is being organically populated with FLPPS educational opportunities including online training videos, e-learnings and tutorials. Partners and guests are welcome to browse through the catalog or search for specific trainings. 

*If you have not yet registered with the FLPPS Learning Management System, you will first be prompted to create an LMS username and password. Our LMS functions as a store house for free eLearnings, Webinars, live training events and more!  If you have any questions regarding registration on the LMS, please reach out to learning@flpps.org.