FLPPS Learning Management System (LMS)

We believe system transformation cannot be achieved without education. With that in mind, we have created a one stop shop for your learning and development needs. Within the FLPPS Learning Management System (LMS) you can search a limited catalog of online training videos, demos, eLearnings and tutorials for free. Registration is simple, and only required once. Use the following link to enter the site and create an account. Return back regularly to access new trainings.    

New LMS Link!

A Common LMS helps develop standards & roles and functions among Agencies with a common focus across the region & the state. The new LMS provides:

  • Personalized interface & branding
  • Interface into HRIS systems to allow for auto load of users
  • Build out supervisory structure to allow for appropriate management of training for staff
  • Build custom user roles in the system
  • Tie a series of training offerings and learning plans to each role so that the various roles get the appropriate training they need
  • Provide certificates upon completion of courses and learning plans
  • Administrative support & course instructional design assistance
  • Provide training dashboard and training completion records for everyone in your organization. Training reports & audit support