Clinical Quality

How is Clinical Quality being monitored across the PPS?

Clinical Quality across all FLPPS initiatives is reviewed and monitored by the FLPPS Clinical Quality Committee (CQC). The CQC is a governance committee that reports to the FLPPS Board of Directors. The committee is comprised of clinical leaders, representing the continuum of health services within the FLPPS service area. 

Why is the Clinical Quality Committee (CQC) important?

The CQC provides guidance on the broad continuum of care needed for DSRIP project implementation and approves clinical protocols and guidelines for projects, including care management processes.

The committee reviews clinical plans to include plans for reaching PCMH milestones. They monitor performance outcomes and assess progress surrounding access, capacity, availability, and quality of care.

The CQC also works directly with Cultural Competency/Health Literacy, Workforce, Finance and Information Technology committees to ensure proposed initiatives align with clinical standards and community metrics.

The CQC monitors care received by Medicaid members and the uninsured throughout the PPS as related to DSRIP projects, including direct feedback from Medicaid beneficiaries.